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This is one of the great hurdles we face. With intervention, we always lay out not just the statistical facts, but the facts based on our experience. An individual who is in treatment for 90 days is 5 times more likely to have sustained sobriety versus 30 days of care. Think about this: let’s say your loved one has drank/used drugs for ten years on a consistent basis. That’s 3,650 days of the body being dominated by mind altering substances. Read More »
For most of my life I was incapable of taking direction and listening, especially to anyone in a position of authority. I can now trace this back to when I was a kid. After being let down so many times by my dad, I believed utter rebellion was the medicine and corrective action to take. This came in the form of acting out in school as early as the first grade. One time my buddy Preston and I thought it was a good idea to leave the school grounds and walk the 150 yards or so to his house. Read More »
In late 1998 I was prescribed Oxycontin, already addicted to Norco and Vicodin I knew I was destroying my liver and kidneys with the massive amounts of acetaminophen the drugs possess. I was told that Oxycontin wasn’t addictive which didn’t matter to me as I was already eight years into my opioid dependence.Read More »
Street drugs are far different today than they were five, ten, fifteen years ago. During the 24 years I spent in active addiction I never had to worry about what I was buying. Other than different ways the cocaine was cut the pills and opioids were dependable in the fact I knew what I was about to ingest.Read More »

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