We are driven to help those suffering with addiction by way of Intervention, Individual Counseling, Treatment Consulting, and creating Post-Treatment Continuing Care programs for the newly recovering person.


Our mission is to help addicts and their families get into recovery and find a treatment program that best fits their needs. We motivate people in recovery to recognize their potential and access the tools they need to live the life they want. We also educate the youth and increase awareness about the pitfalls of addiction while actively working to remove the stigma associated with addiction and recovery.


Todd Zalkins, CADC-I is a highly sought-after addiction specialist, recovery counselor, interventionist, and public speaker. He’s also a published author and award-winning filmmaker. Todd’s “All-In” Interventions has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading intervention and recovery developers. His team of specialists have over 60 years of experience helping families and their loved ones to get the help they need and recreate their lives.
His gripping memoir, “Dying for Triplicate” has sold more than 75,000 copies worldwide and details Todd’s harrowing 17-year addiction to prescription painkillers. It takes the reader through his hellish experience in detox and into his first 18 months of recovery. The book, which continues to receive critical acclaim, has inspired thousands of sufferers worldwide to seek treatment.
In 2017, Todd brought his story to the big screen by releasing the award-winning documentary “The Long Way Back: The Story of Todd “Z-Man” Zalkins,” a story of redemption and recovery. The film casts a long overdue spotlight on the unspoken stigma of prescription painkiller addiction and gives hope to those struggling with any substance use disorder. The film won the award for “BEST DOCUMENTARY” at the prestigious Phoenix Film Festival and the “AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD” at the Reel Recovery Festival.