Intervention is essentially the “management of a crisis.” A professionally managed intervention has more than a 90% success rate with getting your loved one into the treatment setting that best suits their needs.

We are here to help your family during this extremely difficult time, to walk through this process with dignity, love, and compassion to ensure the addict/alcoholic gets relief, as well as the entire family.

If someone you love is suffering from the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, GET HELP NOW! Please call 833-468-7863 to speak with one of our experienced, highly seasoned interventionist who will assist you with walking through this difficult process.

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Public Speaking

As one of the top substance abuse and motivational leaders in the U.S., Todd is a regular guest speaker for drug and alcohol treatment facilities, educational institutions, businesses organizations and community events. Todd’s reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to explore the incredibly difficult topics of addiction and recovery with tremendous honesty, warmth, and humor. He is a recovery-centered thought leader and storyteller with the rare ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable transformation strategies.

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Private Counseling

On a privatized basis we offer counseling for people in need of support from our licensed staff who can help the recovering addict/ alcoholic maintain their sobriety with a proven system of accountability, one-on-one sessions, and regular family meetings to keep everyone on track.

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Four Keys, Inc. is in development on an interactive and engaging platform that educates people on the reality and effects of drug and alcohol addiction. The application is expected to be a web-based and mobile platform intended to support substance abuse prevention in pre-teen and adolescent populations.

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