Todd is a certified drug & alcohol counselor (CADC-l) and offers his services on a continuing care basis for those who have either discharged from treatment or stepped down to a different level of care: either PHP (Partial Hospitalization or IOP, Intensive Outpatient program. With Continuing Care/Case Management, we work with the family and newly sober individual to develop a plan to help them achieve long-term sobriety. Families are often unaware of what is necessary for a person to stay sober, we are here to help clarify and assist with the process. A new routine and lifestyle change must be introduced, including a system of accountability to allow healing to take place for everyone.

Generally, these programs last 90 days to 6 months in length, sometimes longer. Regular meetings with the family ensure that they are “current” with their loved one’s progress, and one on one meetings with the recovering individual take place 3-5 times per week (minimum) with regular communication. Statistics have proven that people who are in treatment for 90 days+ or are involved with a hands-on continuing care program are five times more likely to achieve long term sobriety. You can contact us @ 949-677-3812 or to develop a Case Management Plan that best suits your needs.