My Addicted Brain vs. 10 yrs Sober Brain

In late 2006 I was experiencing loss of speech patterns, tremors, often not having the ability to speak in complete sentences. My primary care physician knew I was sick and drug addicted, suggesting I go to rehab immediately. He also wanted me to get my brain scanned at a place called the Amen Clinic in Orange County. I went ahead and did it, not having a clue what the point was in getting such a thing done.

I met with the specialists at the clinic to review the results, all it told me was my brain was a drug addled mess and I could not agree more. But I had no idea I would get sober and one day have a documentary film made about my addiction and recovery. The director, producer and I discussed getting a new scan of my brain and decided to go for it just before we wrapped up and passed along the footage and interviews to our film editor.

In the photos above you can see what my addicted brain looked like in 2006, then again in 2016 with ten years of sobriety. It is a night and day difference, tangible evidence that there is such a thing as Neural Plasticity, where the brain can heal and reorganize its structure, function, and connections.

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