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Todd-ZalkinsTodd Zalkins
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Todd is an interventionist, public speaker, and author. His memoir, “Dying for Triplicate” has sold more than 50,000 copies worldwide. The book takes you on a ride of his harrowing 17 year addiction to prescription painkillers and terrifying detox period he experienced in his first year of recovery, it has helped thousands of other addicts find their way into treatment, a blessing that helped start Todd on his path to becoming an interventionist.

Todd says, “I didn’t find work in the treatment field…it found me.” At two years sober he was trained by a master interventionist in south Orange County and later became a state certified Drug & Alcohol counselor (CADC). Todd started All-In Interventions in 2009 and has worked with families all over the United States- successfully helping to admit their loved ones into treatment.

His story was recognized by a film producer in 2016 and he became the subject of the award-winning documentary film, “The Long Way Back” The Story of Todd ‘Zman’ Zalkins which premieres in film festivals nationwide in 2017. The film dives deep into his story, with accounts from people closest to him as he struggled hopelessly with addiction, losing close friend Bradley Nowell (singer of Sublime) on a fateful night in 1996. Years later, emerging a clean and sober man, he dedicates himself to helping others afflicted. Out of nowhere, an unexpected opportunity of redemption occurs, changing his life forever.