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Get to know our highly skilled team of interventionists. – TODD ZALKINS

Get to know our highly skilled team of interventionists.

Adriana Castellanos
Director of Intervention Services
Adriana has worked in the treatment field in many capacities for 14 years, including: Director of Admissions at South Coast Hospital (Chemical Dependency Unit), Clinical Outreach for one of the nation’s best primary psychiatric care facilities, as well as facilitating interventions across the United States […read more]

Susan Mehta
Certified Intervention Professional
Susan is a Master Level Intervention Specialist with 18 years experience in conducting interventions. She has worked in the mental health field as a therapist, developed a psychiatric program, taught dual diagnosis programs, conducted crisis interventions, and was certified to conduct psychiatric evaluations for 5150s […read more]

Patricia Peters
Patricia Peters
(Midwest & East Coast)
Certified Intervention Specialist
Patty has worked in the field of addictions for over 20yrs. as a licensed addiction professional. Her professional background includes positions as Clinical Director, Program Director, Private Practice Counselor, Clinical Outreach Consultant and as a Nationally Certified Interventionist. Through out her career she has embraced countless professional opportunities to strengthen her skills […read more]