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If you have a loved one who is battling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, it is time to take a step in the right direction. One of our specialists at All In Interventions can help you. Drug addiction & alcoholism is a disease that is progressive and persistent, and if not treated properly, will likely end in death.

Addiction is often rationalized by denial. The drug addict/alcoholic often feels that their problem is not serious, or that they can control it and stop at any time. Intervention is the best way to get the proper help and guidance to those struggling with an addiction. More than 90% of those who go through a properly orchestrated intervention proceed to treatment and have the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Have you and the addict had enough? Are you worried about a loved one? All In Interventions offers help and hope for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

If you don’t feel that the time is right, ask yourself: When do the actions and addictions cross the line? How much pain and destruction would be enough to take that first step?

Waiting can and most likely will only make things worse. Nothing is gained by not taking action. Will proceeding with an intervention make matters worse than they already are? Getting an intervention for your loved one can only help them. There is help for those suffering from the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism.

A Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialist is a Facilitator

An experienced individual who can help the family and the alcoholic/addict begin the process of recovery. Both the addict and the addict’s family must be healed and taught new ways of living together if long term sobriety is to be achieved.

An effective interventionist knows that getting someone to go to treatment or rehab is not the actual goal of an intervention, but the means by which the real goal can be achieved. Getting someone to commit and go to treatment though often difficult, is more than 90% successful (if properly executed.)

At All In Interventions we will travel anywhere in the United States and abroad to offer help for your loved one and get them into a treatment facility that best meets their needs.

Utilizing the services of a drug intervention specialist can greatly increase your chances for success in reaching your loved one. In many cases, an interventionist can create the necessary atmosphere in which your loved one feels safe enough to admit their own need for help.

How Does An Intervention Work?

Intervention for drug addicts image
Intervention for drug addicts image
Intervention for drug addicts image


Step one – Initial Assessment: Call to discuss how an intervention for drug or alcohol addiction can help your loved one.

Step Two – Outline treatment program options: We will outline specific treatment options according to your unique needs (location, clinical matters, medical coverage, etc).

Step Three – Outline a plan of action: Through a series of one-on-one meetings and/or telephone conversations, your drug intervention specialist will guide you and the others involved through the process of organizing a professionally facilitated intervention.

Step Four – Pre-intervention meeting: This meeting is typically scheduled during the late afternoon or evening and lasts an average of three to four hours. During this meeting, we talk about the disease of addiction and its impact on the family. We discuss what the treatment course and recovery process will involve and, finally, under the guidance of your drug intervention specialist, we will prepare and rehearse written statements to share with your loved one during the intervention.

Step Five – Intervention: Interventions are typically scheduled for the morning immediately following the pre-intervention meeting. The intervention usually takes about an hour and a half. An intervention is a highly structured, solution-focused process that consists of a group of close friends, family members, co-workers, colleagues, spiritual advisors, etc., who come together in a caring and non-judgmental manner to present their observations and concerns regarding an addict’s behavior.

Step Six – Treatment admissions: If the individual accepts help for addiction to prescription drugs, he or she is immediately escorted to the appropriate treatment facility. Your drug intervention specialist will work with the treatment staff with regards to the critical information gained during the intervention process so they can get a jump-start on the assessment and treatment planning process.

Step Seven – Post-intervention consultation: Following the intervention, we will be available for additional consultation, whether or not the individual chooses to accept help for his or her problem. We also assist with helping you on your own path of recovery and healing.

For more information please contact:

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