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“What happened in that room was transformational…I was very impressed with his ability to captivate and inspire the audience.”   Tori DeGroote, CATC-III | Program Director | Turning Point Treatment Center


Our two day workshop is designed to motivate and educate individuals whom are already in a treatment setting. Todd takes the clients deep into his personal story of recovery, stressing the vital importance of the work necessary to first get physically sober, then moving into the ever so important phase of “emotional sobriety” the key to our happiness once we are physically sober.

During the course of these two days there will be a viewing of the film, “The Long Way Back,” the story of Todd “Zman” Zalkins followed by Q&A sessions, group meetings and one on one sessions with the clients. The format allows the opportunity for everyone to participate, and every emotion can often be revealed, a few laughs and even some healing tears, but a lot of fun will happen that’s for sure.


This time spent takes the individuals far beyond a “speaker” visitation. As a successful motivational speaker and one who is passionate about his own recovery, Todd’s goal for all who participate is to have an impactful impression for their own recovery, and that they too can have a life of freedom, filled with purpose and meaning…

Note: Todd Zalkins memoir “Dying for Triplicate” was written when he was 18 months clean and sober. Mainly diving into the physical problem and the insanity of the disease of his 17 year addiction to prescription pain killers, the book has sold more than 50,000 copies worldwide. This started him on his path of becoming an interventionist, as families began reaching out to him from all over the United States and as far away as Ireland and Australia.

Todd was trained by a seasoned, successful interventionist, and in time developed his own style, ultimately starting his own company, All-In Interventions. His personal story is now a feature length documentary film, “The Long Way Back” the story of “Todd Zman Zalkins”.

Todd has successfully facilitated hundreds of interventions across the country and delivered motivational talks to thousands of people ranging from middle schoolers, high-schoolers, parent groups, patients in treatment, and high risk fields of employment. Helping to share the message of awareness and prevention is also a major passion of Todd’s, combined with reaching those who suffer with the disease of addiction.


Workshop Day 1

(8:00 am) Breakfast

(9:00 am) Brief introduction of Todd Zalkins, background, then a viewing of the film: “The Long Way Back”

(10:30 am) 15 Minute Break

(10:45 am) 75 min. Q & A Session With Patients/Clients

(Noon to 1 pm) Break for Lunch

(1 pm to 2:30 pm) “The First Year of My Recovery
Speaking to the group about the importance of building a foundation for their own sobriety; consistency of recovery meetings; importance of strong sponsorship and mentors in the program; helping others, forming new friendships with other sober people (a “picket fence”mentality) to protect themselves in times of crisis; putting our recovery first no matter what. Blending in what Todd did on his own journey and how other sober people helped to save his life as he was getting physically sober.

(2:30 pm to 3:00 pm) Break

(3:00 pm – 5:00 pm) One on One sessions with Patients/Clients
(Assignments will be given for review the following day)
One on one meetings with patients to mentor, listen, and inspire their recovery, assignments will be given on day one, which will be reviewed the following day during the one on one sessions.

Workshop Day 2

(7:00 am to 8:00 am) Lead Group Recovery Meeting

(8:00 am to 9:00 am) Breakfast

(9:00 am to 10:30) The Gifts of Sobriety
A forum dedicated to explaining the vast difference of life changes that awaits the client/patient upon re-entering the world as clean and sober people. Being sober is a state of mind, a lifestyle to be cherished and valued, and celebrated. We are the lucky ones to have this second chance at life. Touching on the emotional growth we all go through as we evolve in our recovery, and the beauty of how we get to feel on the inside as a result of it.

(10:30 am to 11:00 am) Break

(11:00 am to 12:00 pm) Group Session “Hopes & Dreams”
This session focuses on each individuals dreams and aspirations, What is it that they strive to do? Where do they want to be in life? Who do they want to be? Can they now see how drugs and alcohol removes the ability to either achieve these goals and dreams? Anything goes during this session, only requirement is that everyone has respects each other and listens while someone is sharing their dreams. Laughter is a guarantee, and no dream too small or big.

(12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) Lunch

(1:00 pm to 3:00 pm) One-On-One/ Follow up meetings with patients, and to review the assignments given the previous day.

3-3:30 (Break)

3:30 – 5 pm Closing Session Comments & Q & A

To book a two day workshop with Todd Zalkins or to find out more information please contact:
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